Mr and Mrs Kwaso’s Picture Perfect Wedding

Tell us how you met?

Mthetheleli :” I first saw her on campus at the University of Johannesburg back in September 2009, from the minute I laid my eyes on her I was drawn to her beauty. Unfortunately she didn’t stay on campus that year and since we were not studying the same course we only bumped into each other in March 2010 at the Library. We then officially met through mutual friends in April 2010; on the night that we met we spoke for hours. We instantly got along it felt like we have known each other for a long time, and the rest as they say is history.”

Bride:  Boitumelo Nosakhumzi Kwaso

Groom: Mthetheleleli Kwaso

Occupations: Boitumelo Emergency Care Practitioner

Mthetheleli : Chemical Engineer

Wedding date: 24 February 2018

Wedding: White Wedding

Describe your wedding style: I didn’t do the whole traditional thing of going dress shopping and trying them on. I went to one shop and looked at the dresses and I honestly didn’t like how they looked. I didn’t even bother to try them on. I think that’s because I knew I wanted a custom made dress.
I went to Anna( owner of  Zodwa bridal ) and we discussed the type of dress I wanted,  initially I  wanted a mermaid dress and months later had to change it to a A-line dress.

I decided on an empire blush pink gown with crinoline braid detail, a beaded v-neck bodice with an open back. My veil was studded with pearls and secured with a 3D floral hair comb.

Groom: “A black 3 piece tuxedo made of 100 percent wool and a white Egyptian cotton shirt with a black bow tie. Both the Suit and shirt was tailor made for the groom by TailormeSA.”

What was wedding shopping like for you?

Boitumelo: “Wedding shopping was very exciting, stressful and confusing at times as we had a lot of choices to make. The wedding business is very big nowadays there are so many things that are available at one’s disposal, but you have to keep the budget in mind at all times. But ultimately we were very happy with the choices we made.”

Mthetheli:  “It took Boitumelo six months to decide which shoe she wanted and when she did, the shoe she wanted was out of stock so she ended up opting for another shoe.”

The vision for your big (theme and colours pallets)?

The vision that we had for our wedding was a unique and vibrant wedding for a young people. The colours we chose were rose gold and a touch of whit

What is your best memory from your wedding?

Our first dance has to be the highlight of our wedding; it was epic and very different from the norm. The dance started slowly with Ed Sheeran’s Perfect and 2 Minutes into the dance the song changed to Yemi Alade’s Johnny which is a party song and the dancing style changed completely and people started joining us.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?

“The one advice we would give to engaged couples is, this is your wedding and you should have fun. The memories created on this day are meant to last you a lifetime, so make sure that every aspect of your wedding is the way you want it to be. Your happiness as a couple should be number 1 of the priority list, everyone you involved in preparing for this day should understand this. Lastly, be organised and plan well, on the big day enjoy yourselves and avoid stressing about anything at that point there’s very little you can change so  just leave everything in God’s hands”.

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  1. Boitumelo

    Oh wow! 😍😍 such a beautiful wedding. I feel so blessed to have been part of such a beautiful union. Congratulations Mr And Mrs Kwaso!


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