Mr and Mrs Mpeta’s Picnic Wedding with an African Twist

Occupations:  We are both Co Founders of OnBlast Za a Digital Marketing Agency and Phenomenal Wigs. I (Noma) also work a 9-5 as a Curriculum Developer and Programme Manager and He (Moeketsi) is a Construction Project Manager
Wedding date:  Traditional- 21 April 2018, White- 27 April 2018
Tell us how you met?  We met in Varsity when I was in first year. He was my then roommate boyfriend’s friend.
Wedding Style:
We wanted our weddings to be a celebration of our African cultures in a relaxed informal environment.

Describe your wedding attire: “We wanted it to look regal and royal with a relaxed picnic feel. We mixed in elements from different cultures we were inspired by and used material we had bought from our trips in the continent. All the print used for our white wedding was from the same 6m Kente Cloth and used cleverly by our designer to create a different effect for the bride, groom and bridal party.  It was important for me for my bridesmaids to have afros and for them with the groomsmen to look like “strong, powerful, black men. My first dress for the traditional wedding shot at home was made and Designed in Zimbabwe with wax material from there too. Our final traditional outfits were made from original three cats seshweshwe.”

What was wedding shopping like for you? “Wedding shopping was easy for me, there wasn’t much that needed to be done as our weddings were not only really simple but also our families were very hands on and we didn’t have to stress too much. We also had the most amazing black only suppliers to date!!!! They came through and delivered everything according to our expectations.”

The vision for your big (theme and colors pallets): “We wanted it to be a picnic with an African twist. Super chilled, relaxed, unpretentious and fun.  Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more. Yes. Lots of cultures were incorporated, BaSotho (my husband), Shona (me), Indian, Ghananian. We did this mostly through our dress code.”

What is your best memory from your wedding? “My best memories are mainly from the words shared about my husband and I, me laughing and smiling from the jokes and the wisdom shared. The whole experience was honestly one I wanted to bottle up. The atmosphere was full of love, God and all round great vibes. Also our first dance was Littttttttttt!!! hahahahaha.”

 What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? “My advice would be DO NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. A wedding is just a day. What you need to be concerned with it ensuring that your marriage afterwards is comfortable and well resourced. Make sure you spend money on the things that matter to you as a couple because that’s what you will remember. Do not let anyone impose their expectations of a perfect wedding on you either. Make sure the food and music is proper people will forget about everything else as long as they are full and dance. Make sure you invite people you genuinely want at your wedding don’t invite people out of guilt or the relationships you think you had with them. If you have 200 guests make sure its 200 guests who would be there no matter what you serve, what you wear and how the wedding works out. Be intentional about the atmosphere you create at your wedding.. you carry that energy with you into your marriage.”

Source It:

Venue: We got married at my husband’s family home and at Grace bible Church Witpoortjie.

Bride’s make up:  This was done by my bridesmaid Bolele Polisa for all my weddings @BolelePolisa

Décor: Decor was done by my family.

Cake: Cake was done by my sister in law.

Shoes: My shoes were a gift from my mom, Madison NY

Photographer: My cousin and uncle from @BannisterPhotography

Designer for all outfits: Matshele Sadiki of @matshele_designhouse. Pre wedding outfits are by SikwaSethu

Hair: All our hair was custom made afro/ curly wigs by @PhenomenalWigs



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