Palesa and Bongithamsaqa’s Glorious African Wedding

Full Names: Bride – Palesa Mashabane
Groom – Bongithamsanqa Cakwebe

Occupation: Bride – Beauty Therapist
Groom – Senior Architectural Technologist

Wedding Date: 7 April 2018

Venue: Palesa’s home in Boksburg

How did you meet?

“I (Palesa) was out with friends who knew Bongi from back home in the EC and in passing they mentioned how Bongi and I would make a great match and they called him in the wee hours of the morning to tell him about me, I spoke to him briefly and said I’d send him my number later that morning. We then started chatting and he came to JHB for work a month later, we went out for drinks and lunch. We stayed friends for months from July 2013 to whenever we started dating in 2014. We don’t have an official date of when we started dating. We’re still really good friends which is what keeps our relationship going.”

Our Wedding attire:

“So I (Palesa) was in charge of the attire LOL. The wedding was on my side of the family, it was actually final lobola payments, dikapeso, matlhabiso and the celebration all in one. So I’m Tsonga and I always knew I’d be dressed in pink on my wedding day. I had seen a very simple dress a few years ago  and kept a picture for reference. I’m very simple so I wanted a subtle but elegant dress especially because it was so bright and in your face. I got a little inspiration from Sarah Langa’s orange wedding dress and my headscarf was inspired by Nigerian traditional attire. That morning I wore a blue shweshwe dress to represent my mom’s side of the family who are Tswana.”

What was wedding shopping like for you?

“Well, the material I needed for my main dress was nowhere to be found in JHB and PTA. I started panicking a little because that’s what I wanted and didn’t want anything else. I started thinking of a plan B but then an aunt of mine found the material in Giyani two weeks before the wedding. A friend said she’d get me shoes so that was one less thing to stress about. Bongi wore a white linen shirt with trimmings of the Tsonga material to go with my dress.”

Vision for our wedding day:

“Bongi and I decided that we’re not going to have a white wedding; however I still wanted to have a touch of elegance for the whole wedding décor. I didn’t want any traditional decor. So I chose cream, peach and gold to be the main colors for the decor (flowers, chairs, table cloths etc), I wanted the pop of color to come from the guests’ traditional attires, of which it did.”

Best memory:
“There are so many wow! It would have to be walking out the house to go “meet up” with Bongi. When I saw him my face lit up and I couldn’t stop smiling, everyone around us was singing at the top of their voices and the whole moment was just beautiful.”

Advice for engaged couples: “Let friendship be the foundation of your relationship and communicate ALL THE TIME!”

Make-up: Zuki Raoleka, she’s the bomb. Listened to what I wanted and never insisted on anything. Love her!

Decor & Food: Rachael Lerutla

Cake: Matilda @thiliscakes

Shoes: Pulane Machaba Zenzo has her own store in JHB so she got me the shoes as a gift


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