Prince Siphosethu and Princess Victoria’s Royal Affair

Couple: Prince Siphosethu and Princess Victoria

Type of wedding: White wedding

Date of wedding: 29th April

Venue: Mohlaletsi Limpopo

After noticing her at a restaurant in Johannesburg Prince couldn’t leave without getting Princess Victoria’s number.  He assured her that they would stay contact and they did. Princess recalls that their first date wasn’t long after meeting each other, “we went on our first date on the 17th of July and we have been together ever since.


Tell us about your wedding attires? What did you want?

“Our wedding attires were very royal, with the groom in a navy and gold captain suit. I chose to be  in a gold wedding dress with a ten meter trail. I chose the color gold on the dress because I really wanted something unexpected and memorable, something that catches your eye and you can’t help but just look. The dress is also fully beaded in gold. My little boys and girls were also a replica of us, in captain suits and beige ball gowns.  My brides maids wore Beige dresses, in specific designs that they chose for themselves but all come together cohesively.”

“My wedding shopping was just full of fabric beads and lace especially for my dresses taking up three rolls of 36 meters in fabric and net. After being done with all the sewing I had to try to squeeze in the little things like shoes and accessories on the last days.”

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What was the theme of your wedding? Or chosen color palette? 

“The colors of my wedding were champagne white and gold which definitely  had to be seen  in the decor too. So gold was everywhere chairs, cutlery, and center pieces. We also incorporated a lot of culture in our wedding like isiZulu and sePedi. We tried to fuse some of that culture in our second outfit that portrait more of a modern African feel. Culture was everywhere on the day from people in cultural skins to the food that we ate, to the dancers and praise singers, everybody really came together to remind us of where we come from.”

My most memorable moment from my wedding…

“My best memory would be my entrance. I was brought in 5 white horses and what made it priceless was the reaction on everyone who passed by being so shocked that the bride is in gold.”

What is your advice to other brides?

“My advice would be  not to forget to have fun on the day there will be stresses but at the end the  two of you  will be married and laughing about it tomorrow.”

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Venue: Mohlaletsi Limpopo

Brides makeup: @lagoddess_beauty

Decor: Thella services

Cake: Cake boutque Polokwane

Shoes: Casadei



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