Tokoloho and Tinyiko’s Classic White Wedding

Tell us how did you met?

We met at church at a young age, Sunday school to be precise. We grew up around each other with common friends around us. One day we started speaking directly and fell for each other. We officially started  dating on the 3 of November 2012.

Full names of couple: Tokoloho and Tinyiko Mokale

Occupations: Tokoloho (Electrician)

Bride: Tinyiko (Communications Manager)

Wedding date: 22 December 2017

Wedding Style: Classic vintage

Describe your wedding attire: Classic White wedding

What was your wedding shopping like for you? We enjoyed it; we did things at our own pace. Had suppliers that we’ve used for years helping us to make our day special

What was the vision for your big (theme and colours pallets): White, cream, crystal

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? If yes, tell us more.

We did – there was a second part of the wedding (welcoming of the bride) that happened post the white wedding. A cultural ceremony that led to our wedding day was the Lobola celebration in November 2016, we had a countdown on social media (IG) and created our wedding hashtag to collect memories (#MeetTheMokales)

What is your best memory from your wedding? The ceremony and officially getting married
What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Listen to each other, be patient with one another. Planning the wedding helped us to grow much closer than what we were. Because we are friends first, it was a joyful experience to plan the wedding together and ensure we implement it the way we dreamed of it. Our family supported our decisions because we involved them much sooner in our plans.

Venue: Oakfield Farm – Wedding Venue (The Homestead)

Bride’s make up: Lagoddess Make Up

Décor: The Wedding Butterfly

Cake: Pastry Angel

Shoes: Jimmy Choo


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