Ulwamekelo Lwabayeni (Welcome of the husband’s family)

How did you meet?

His name is Mushin, he is from Uganda and I am Xhosa from the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth to be exact.   I met my husband on the first day of my new job. I was introduced to everyone else except him but he eventually came to me and introduced himself. Everyone was shocked because he is a quiet guy but that day he found the courage to come and greet me.

What attracted you to your partner?

What attracted me to him was the way he was so caring, very respectful and above all he put me first. When I was looking for a place to stay he looked for it and arranged the viewing. We had to keep our relationship low key at work as he is a very secretive person and I am the opposite it was hard for me to keep it a secret.  In 2014 we were blessed with twin girls but doctors had no hope and asked me to terminate the pregnancy, we refused. We believed God performs miracles hence we named them Unakho (God is able to make miracles) and Usenathi (God is still with us in this time).  In 2015 February  Usenathi passed away due to a heart condition and in 2015 on her birthday the other twin Unakho had to undergo heart surgery which was a success. She was hospitalized for 7days in ICU.

What we went through strengthened our relationship and gave us a chance to understand our emotions and yes of cause our love grew. We have a phenomenal support structure of friends and family hence we were able to conquer.

How did he propose?

Oh he is a hopeless romantic, he didn’t propose but on the 03 of March he asked when he can go and pay lobola at my family. So we arranged the date which was in July this year. In October I welcomed them to my family. I started planning for the day after the lobola payment.

Your vision for your Ceremony?

Our vision was for the ceremony  to reflect us, to show our families and friends that love conquers all and also that through it all love still wins. The day was also for our parents not us, we could have eloped and just signed but you know parents also want that day to say My daughter or son has found a new home, our hands are clean. We are a warm couple I believe, so the day had to joyful and fun and that’s what we got and more. It was a day where there were tears of joy and lots of laughter and lots of smiles.

Our Menu for the event

  • savoury rice,
  • creamed samp (umnqusho),
  • chicken, beef stew,
  • vegetarian stew,
  • split peas,
  • butternut, broccoli and cheese salad,
  • Beetroot, bean salad, fried potatoes.                                                                                                                                                    As Africans would say, it was a seven colors meal!


Oh my highlights were everything! I mean everything I will tell u you in their order;

1) .When I dressed him with beads, I was supposed to speak to him but I chickened out but I whispered to him. So the head beads resembled that he will always be my King. The ones on his chest resembled that I will always have his heart interest and the beaded stick (induku) resembled that I will always stand by him and be his pillar. My Guest Speaker, my pastor who’s been my strength in all we have been through. In a short period of time he painted a picture of us, where we were as a couple and where we should be. He left people asking for more.

  1. Decor-

I showed my business partners at Emerald Ruby what I wanted and they executed it. My decor was one of the things that people loved and kept talking about as they say, “What will the wedding be like.”  I wanted class and a bit of rustic as most traditional events would have such. I wanted it to be the talk of the town as it was something different and elegant.

  1. My cake was a naked cake which went hand in hand with my tables the rustic feel.


  1. Lastly, the food was amazing. The chefs outdid themselves. It was a group of Mothers whom I look up to they cooked and made sure my guests left sucking their thumbs.

Photographer: Ozz Kamana Photography

My headgear and beads : Kwantu towers

Dress done by my Mother

Decor : Emerald Ruby


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